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PSM for Single Parents™ is known in communities for being an organization that is engaged and passionate about single parents and their families. 

Nobody understands the life of single parenting as well as those who are single parents or were single parents. We at PSM for Single Parents™ are excited to bring you a platform where like-minded parents around the globe can come together in one place to gather resources, share stories, learn, be mentored and bridge the gap of feeling alone. 


We hope you find PSM as "A Place For You". Tell others that share your story about PSM and together we can build communities one family at a time. Learn more about our COMMUNITY RESOURCES


  • To BUILD parenting skills of single parents.
  • To BUILD a bridge from loneliness to wholeness.
  • To BUILD the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of single parents.
  • To BUILD empowerment, restoration and renewal for single parents.
  • To BUILD community awareness on the importance of partnership and the social problems of single parent families.


PSM may not be able to meet the needs of all members so we have partnered with several community organizations and agencies to help provide additional services. (To learn about how to partner with us, contact our office at 847-752-5971 or send us an email).


SOLO Circle is an extension of PSM. We are single parent families engaged in life challenging conversations, group activities, networking, prayer and biblical studies. 


We are led by single parents for single parents to ensure you are connected, involved and supported through inspiration, encouragement, unity and serenity.

Why Join Us?

As a single parent you're probably in search of support where you can unwind, meet like-minded people, release the overwhelming effects of parenting alone and having a place where you feel appreciated. 


SOLO Circle Waukegan - 424 10th St, Waukegan, IL (more info)

SOLO Circle Houston - Coming Soon

SOLO Circle Tampa - Coming Soon


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